VONSILD  is synonymous with wooden handles and knobs, and has been for several decades. We aim at being the number one supplier whether it is of traditional handles and knobs, or the more contemporary, maybe even avantgarde designs, which we create in coorperation with our team of external designers, such as Australian Adam Laws, or Danish Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, VE2 or Says Who.

Below you find our latest calalouges, or you can see them at ISSUU.

We like to believe we make handles for every taste, but should you not find what you are looking for, we also manufacture special designs to customers specification. In these cases we ask for a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pcs. and we charge the tooling cost. For the items shown, our minimum order quantity is 250 pcs. Many of them, however, are part of our stock-range which we stock in certain timbers and finishes. Stock items can be purchased from 100 pcs. Please contact us for a detailed list of our stock-range items.

We process most timbers, but the majority of our production is in Maple, Birch, Beech, Oak & Walnut. Typical finishes are clear lacquered, stained, waxed, oiled, soap treatment, smoked oak, painted colours up to 90% gloss level, and the very trendy and resistant soft-feel lacquer. Special finishes and colours, as per your requirements.

We have retailers in many countries around the world. Should your country not be one of them, we ship direct from Denmark. Please contact us for details.

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- DK-8420 - Knebel - Denmark
email: mail@vonsild.com - phone: +45-6167-9500